A collection of stories about some of the dogs and their owners that we have helped in the past!

Jody & Sox

My name is Sox. I am 18 months old. I started going to Alex and Jim’s puppy class when I was 10 weeks old. I learnt all sorts of things at the class, how to sit, lie down, roll over, shake paws, commando shuffle.

Bev & Taz

Hello my name is Taz. When I first met Alex and Jim I was a real hooligan. I can remember charging around the hall upsetting the other dogs and being a right nuisance. However, with their help and my human Bev we were shown the right way to do things.

Danielle, Simon, Alfie and Amber

Hi, I’m Alfie, a 2 year old Springer Spaniel. I moved in with my humans Danielle and Simon when I was 7 months old. They were my fourth set of humans, not that I was a bad lad! I’m a playful boy and am often told that I have a lot of energy.

Malteaser Moments

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