Hi, I’m Alfie, a 2 year old Springer Spaniel. I moved in with my humans Danielle and Simon when I was 7 months old. They were my fourth set of humans, not that I was a bad lad! I’m a playful boy and am often told that I have a lot of energy so Dan and Si decided that I needed something in my life to help focus my mind. That’s when I met Alex and Jim. During my time with them I have not only been taught basic manners but other fun tricks too. My human Dan works really hard with me during class by keeping my rewards coming when I’m doing well and helping me remember when my mind starts to wander. I’ve done so well that in July last year I, along with other members of my class, were given a special rosette and certificate in recognition of our efforts.

Hi, I’m Amber, a 4 month old Springer Spaniel puppy. I just wanted you all to see that you are never to young to start learning. My humans are also Danielle and Simon. I met Alex and Jim soon after the vet gave me my 2nd injection and I love going to their classes. My humans wanted to make sure I started learning manners whilst I’m young as they know how difficult it has been to help my big brother Alfie. I think I’m doing quite well already as on the 19th of February I was given a rosette for passing my foundation course in recognition of how well Dan and I have worked but I’ll always work hard if there is a chance of some food!


amber and danielle