My name is Sox. I am 18 months old. I started going to Alex and Jim’s puppy class when I was 10 weeks old. I learnt all sorts of things at the class, how to sit, lie down, roll over, shake paws, commando shuffle. The best thing that I learnt was how to meet other dogs and make friends – in my case I roll over and make them think they are the boss!

After puppy class we went to big dogs class, and Alex helped me get my bronze and silver Kennel Club Good citizenship award! This means I’m a good citizen and can be trusted to behave in public! I hope to do my gold citizenship award soon.

I would recommend any new puppies that need to train their owners in how to behave take them to Alex’s class. She will help your owners. It’s really important to have a good start in life and puppy classes are the best fun!

Jody and Sox