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Calder Bridge – Tuesdays

Baby Steps (Puppies & Beginners)7PM

We explain how a dog learns, Your legal responsibilities, help you to bond with your

dog, using motivational methods while training sit, down, come, walking on a slack lead, starting stays, and working with distractions. Along with the importance of grooming and handling, interacting with an older dog and a basic knowledge of parasites and dog health.

Getting There8PM

A follow on class for all that have done in Baby steps or other initial training. We take you further in your dog training travels. Either to improve your performance for the formal obedience field or training fun exercises to improve your bond with your dog whilst simply having fun.

Clever Clogs!9PM

A more advanced class, where you polish your performance whether it is at obedience, tricks or a mixture or both! They get progressively much harder now but are still great fun.

Agility Sundays – Coulderton

Air Cadets11AM

Laying the foundations for you and your dog’s agility training.

Basic Pilots11AM

Moving the training on and learning different handling techniques – or “ fitting the rocket motor to both dog and handler”.

High Flyers12PM

Polishing and refining handling techniques for agility – or “how to convert your rocket into a smart exocet missile.”

OUT of Sko9L or “Other Services we offer”

One to Ones

As it says on the box one to one training with you and your dog at a location and time to suit.

Pre puppy/New dog house checks (Safety and Security) – Check out the house and garden to ensure you are aware of the possible hazards and effects plus those first day essentials to getting training right from the start.

Training Parties

Can’t make it to Sko9L ? then why not collect some like minded friends (maximum 8), arrange a suitable venue, tell us what you want to achieve and we will come to you to do the training whether it is obedience, trick, agility or ‘ Your desires ‘ to whatever level you wish.

All done by mutual arrangement.

Real World Training

Training out and about in town: Putting into practise what you have learned in class in the real world.

In the field: Fun stuff that takes place on our secure field, trying out different stuff things ranging from from hide and seek, via confidence building (dogs or handlers) to flyball and beyond.

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Coulderton: CA22 2UR, Coulderton Equestrian Centre

Calderbridge: CA20 1DN, Calderbridge Village Hall